Topic:  Emotional Health

Tell Me, What Makes You Happy?

Do you know what makes you happy? Can you tell someone how to make you happy over a number of years? To enjoy a full life you must be able to both describe and identify the ever indefinable ‘it’ of your own kind of happiness.

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How To Defeat Dysfunction! Four Easy Action Steps.

Have you ever wanted more out of life but believed you couldn’t go after it? Whether it is left over from childhood or a recent adult experience, dysfunction is prevalent in our society and effects more people now than ever before. You can change it! You can defeat it! More peace is needed in the world, and it starts with you. It starts with you Defeating Dysfunction. Here’s how!

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Topic:  Self-Care

Easy Exercise for Peaceful Personal Time

Easy Exercise for Peaceful Personal Time IN ALL THINGS, in all your habits, in all your transitions, in all your goals, take personal, quiet time to be with you. Time where you sit and think of nothing. Time where you sit and do nothing. This exercise will help keep...

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Spring Cleaning for Emotional Healing

Spring Cleaning for Emotional Healing Happy First Day of Spring! Yea! Out with winter and in with spring! Have you started the daunting task of spring cleaning? Opening your windows, cleaning the carpet, packing down the turtlenecks and pulling out the tees. Not to...

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Tips to Mastering Abundant Peace

Tips To Mastering Abundant Peace Do you have so much in the air you’ve forgotten the word ‘peace’ exists? Kids, husband/wife, demanding supervisor, nosy in-laws, church ministry, exes, social club, exercise, overdue bills, vitamins, crazy neighbors, car repairs,...

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Can You Smile While Being Hated On?

Smiling While Being Hated On It’s a skill. Do you have it? Can you smile while being hated on? James 1:2 says Count it all Joy. Can you smile at your boss after you’ve been fired? Can you pray for the woman in church that started that ugly rumor about you? It’s hard,...

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