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Episode 99: How Your Past Can Positively Affect Your Present

James Nathan III and Brandon Massey shares their info on a wealthy bi-racial madame from the 1800s.

V I D E O  A R C H I V E

Episode 98: How To Find Purpose

Jaemellah Kemp share how her struggle turned into her destiny.

Episode 97: What To Say To Get What You Want 

Winter Harris shares her tips and tricks to get what you want at work and at play.

Episode 96: From Drugs and Prison to Grace and Redemption 

Keyonna Brown shares her struggles of growing up in the inner city. 

Episode 95: How To Recover After A Breakup Breaks You video 

Chanel Horne shares her story of drug overdosing, attempting suicide and rebounding to the best life ever! 

Episode 94: Learn Why It’s Important To Live Your Best Life Now 

Motivational Speaker Autumn McKenzie share how the death of her husband taught her to live her best life now. 

Episode 93: Teacher Collabs & Devices In The Classroom 

Tech Coordinator Sarah Thomas shares a platform for teachers to collab and how students use tech in the classroom.

Episode 92: How To Get Your Mind On Your Money 

Financial Advisor Pam Sams shares why we make impulse buys and enjoy retail therapy. 

Episode 91: How To Love When Life Gives You Lemons

Author Tiara Nicoles shares how to rebound after a miscarriage. 

Episode 90: How Children’s Science Music Soothes The Soul

Dr Jim Thorne discusses his love for science and how he writes music to teach science to kids.

Episode 89: How To Live Victoriously and Achieve Your Dreams

Jennifer Jones Bryant shares how to overcome personal trauma for professional success. 

Episode 88: How To Keep The Peace In The Workplace

Lisa Anderson shares 25-years of expertise about creating the optimal work environment.

Episode 86: How To Crack The Code On Healthy Eating

Nutritionist Andrea Norelle shares tips to easily eat healthy on the run.

Episode 85: How You Help Black Men Heal

Three women decide to start a nonprofit to help black men heal. Here’s what happen next.

Episode 84: How You Can Crush The Stigma

Sinclair Ceasar share how you can lend a hand to crush the stigma and be accepting of everyone.

Episode 83: How To Access Mental Health Services

Alicia Dalton shares how easy it is to get mental health services in your time of need. 

Episode 82: Improving Your Look To Empower Your Life 

Wig Consultant Laura Waites shares how wigs have improved her clients’ life.

Episode 81: How To Make Soul Impacting Change 

Life Coach Shelita Winfield shares how to make change to your life that will impact your soul.

Episode 80: Using Talk Therapy For Emotional Disabilities 

Two Therapists share techniques you can use to master your emotions and change your life.

Episode 79: How To Use Your Story To Stop The Stigma 

Neta Vaught shares her story of growing up with a mother that has a mental illness. 

Episode 78: How To Boldly Tell Your Story 

Tammy Lofink lost her son to a drug overdose, now she runs 2 non-profit orgs to help you.

Episode 77: Taking Minority Mental Health Seriously 

T-Kea Blackman shares her experience of being a two-time suicide survivor.

Episode 76: How To Bravely Tell Your Story 

Substance abuse counselor Susie Burklew shares her experience with addiction, bipolar disorder and co-producing This Is My Brave Arlington. 

Episode 75: How To Build Your Dreams From The Ground Up 

Dream Architect Michelle McKinney shares how to overcome fear and build the life you secretly crave.

Episode 74: Is It Ever Ok To Cut Family Off? 

Anita Washington shares how to heal from family dysfunction on the Write The Book Now Show.

Episode 73: How To Meditate For Wellness 

Pastor Mary Huber share ways to heal with meditation.

Episode 72: Family Is Not Everything on The Author’s Corner 

That Anita Live is interviewed by Kimberly McLemore of the Authors’ Corner. 

Episode 71: How To Align Your Body Mind And Spirit Using Yoga 

Sherrell Moore-Tucker shares how you can use yoga to maintain inner peace. 

Episode 70: DMV Expo To Help Women Follow Their Dreams

Cynthia Peterson shares how the 2018 GLOW Expo details.

Episode 69: How To Transition From Military to Civilian Life

Victor Angry share the leadership principles that propelled him to high leadership positions.

Episode 68: How Healthy Products Can Help You Heal 

Jennifer Naqvi uses organic ingredients to create natural healing products.

Episode 67: How To Balance a Busy Life and Good Health 

Wintana Kiros, RCN and Sharon Lawrence, LCSW share tips on stay fit and fab while living a busy life. 

Episode 66: How To Invest At Any Age 

Financial Advisor Pamela Sams share how to create a lifestyle you’ll love through investing. 

Episode 65: Addressing Military and First Responder Mental Health Matters 

Rhonda Stewart Jones LCSW shares tips to help those that help us manage good mental health.

Episode 63: How Did She Survive Attempted Murder

Kimberly McLemore shares her story of surviving life threatening domestic violence. 

Episode 63: How To Manage Up For A Better Work Environment

Mary Abbajay shares how to take responsibility for your work environment.

Episode 62: How To Turn Your Mess Into A Message for Mental Health

Tyi Flood shares her success with managing mental health to help others. 

Episode 61: How To Turn Your Mess Into A Non-Profit

Devita Parke shares how she become the resource for so many in need.

Episode 60: How To Manage Maternal Mental Health

Kristen Brooks, LCSW shares the in’s and out’s of maternal mental health.

Episode 59: How To Become A Leader

Dr Sharon H Porter shares how she could help you become a great leader. 

Episode 58: An Alienated Father’s Side of the Story

Jastin Artis shares his struggle of fighting to spend fair time with his son. 

Episode 57: How A Plant Based Diet Can Improve Your Health

Gwyn, Danni and John all share their success changing to a plant based diet. 

Episode 56: How To Navigate The Special Education Process

Dr Tanna Jackson shares tips for parents to help their special ed. child get the best education they can

Episode 55: How To Brace For Divorce

Debbie DeChambeau shares how you can brace for divorce.

Episode 54: How To Turn Pain Into A Passion To Help Others

Sunny Crowe shares how she found strength battling breast cancer not once, but twice.

Episode 53: What To Do If You Lose Your Job

Kirstin Fuller shares why losing her job was the best thing that ever happened to her!

Episode 52: Becoming Your Mom’s Caregiver

Isaac Asare shares the emotional contradictions of becoming your mother’s caretaker.

Episode 51: How To Manage Fear and Anxiety

Dr Alicia Hodge shares the how, why and what on fear and anxiety.

Episode 50: How To Deal With Grief

Darwyn Dave shares his techniques and tips for managing the emotion of grief.

Episode 49: How to Find True Love

Dr. Roz shares insight and tips on how to find true love and make it last.

Episode 48: How to Strengthen Your Marriage

Sharon Lawrence, LCSW discusses the top three marriage problems and three solutions to a better marriage.

Episode 47: Why Take Domestic Violence #BeyondOctober

Md Delegate Angela Angel shares why it is important to focus on Domestic Violence year round.

Episode 46: How to Identify the Man Monster

T. Renee Garner shares the life story she has turned into a successful stage play.

Episode 45: How to Detox Your Life and Build Your Dreams

Nicole L. Turner, Detox Strategist tells us exactly how to break through everything blocking us.

Episode 044: How to Help Teens Cope with Tragedy

Dr. Alfiee Breland-Noble shares her expertise on how to cope with the stages and tragedies of life. 

Episode 043: When Domestic Violence is Generational

LY Marlow gives us a new perspective on family. Do we inherit domestic violence? 

Episode 042: How To Work Through Your Emotional Baggage

Icia Ragsdale shares multiple ways to work through your emotional scars. 

Episode 041: How Important Is Your Sister Circle

Cynthia Peterson shares the importance of sister circles and offers her circle GLOW.

Episode 040: How to Avoid Toxic Dating

Rev. Dr. Unnia Pettus shares how to date after 45. 

Episode 039: How to Hold on to Hope

Tyra Garlingtyon shares how she has held onto hope through all life has thrown at her. 

Episode 038: How To Overcome Breast Cancer

Malisa Michelle shares her breast cancer journey of disappointment, fear, death and recovery.

Episode 037: How To Mend Broken Relationships

Desiree Smith shares her story of being denied but not becoming bitter and later being blessed.

Episode 036: How To Overcome Bad Decisions

Leslie Foxx shares her story of how one bad decision not only affected her life but her children as well.

Episode 035: Robbed and Redeemed

Rhonda Dickerson shares how losing her mother at 7-years old led to redemptive love.

Episode 034: Lies Fear Tells to Keep You Bound

Elise Gordon shares how she broke free from allowing fear to control her life.

Episode 033: How To Relieve Fatherless Daughter Pain

Shanice Stewart shares her experience with growing up fatherless and resolving fatherless daughter pain.

Episode 032: How To Rebuild After Brokenness

Taneya Pair shares how to thrive after back-to-back tragedies.

Episode 031: Earning The Impossible

Dr. Deborah March shares how to stay focused and determined through tough times.

Episode 030: How To Build Your Self-Esteem

Mukami Kinoti Kimotho shares how she is positively affecting the self esteem of women and girls worldwide.

Episode 029: How Volunteering Makes You Happy

Schinnell Leake, Founder of Extraordinary Birthdays shares with us how she’s seen volunteering makes us happy. 

Episode 028: How To Use Spoken Word To Forgive

Kezia Snipe share how she discovered and now uses spoken word to move through emotions. 

Episode 027: Child and Teen Mental Health

Dr. Cindy T. Graham shares how we can remove the stigma from mental health.

Episode 026: Mildred Muhammad – Murder Target Part 2

Mildred Muhammad shares her story of surviving emotional abuse and being a murder target.

Episode 025: Mildred Muhammad – Murder Target

Mildred Muhammad shares her story of surviving emotional abuse and being a murder target.

Episode 024: Free Range Parenting & Politics

Danielle Meitiv shares her traumatic experience of being investigated by CPS.

Episode 023: In Love And Testing Positive For HIV

Liz Sands shares her mental and emotional health techniques to overcome trauma.

Episode 022: Overcoming A Traumatic Experience

Liz Sands shares her mental and emotional health techniques to overcome trauma.

Episode 021: 50 and Fiercely Pursuing Her Dreams

Vanessa Maddox shares what it’s like to follow her dreams. 

Episode 020: How Clutter & Stress Affect Your Cash

Anna Godfrey shares how clutter sucks up your cash.

Episode 019: How Your Clothing Color Affects Your  Mood

Tracey Crockett shares with us how to flaunt every color at any age.

Episode 018: How To Thrive After CSA

Tremayne Moore shares with us how he excels as best selling author and poet after CSA.

Episode 017: The Fight To Save Family From Abuse

Jillian Short shares how she rescued her children from abuse.

Episode 016: Teachers Have Always Wanted You To Know This!

Devonia Reed shares a teacher’s perspective on today’s hot school topics.

Episode 015: How To Go From The Cubicle Nation To A Family Business

Michelle D. Garrett how she went from blogger mom to business mogul.

Episode 014: Fixing Your Finances

Lynn Demmons shares how to dig yourself our of debt.

Episode 013: How To Heal

Cindy Griffiths shares how to forgive with divine grace.

Episode 012: Childless Not By Choice

Civilla Morgan shares her journey of living childless not by choice. 

Episode 011: Abandoned At Birth

Benir Pierre shares why nothing you’ve been through with be wasted. 

Episode 010: Living Out Loud With Herpes

Linda Husser shares why she doesn’t live in the shadows of shame. 

Episode 009: Sex and Drugs to Grace and Mercy

Bridgette LaRe’ shares her journey of surviving in promiscuity and alcohol to walking in purpose.

Episode 008: Bulletproof (Part 2) Domestic Violence Recovery

Lisette Johnson shares the hard road to domestic violence recovery and exactly how she did it. 

Episode 007: How to Handle Difficult Conversations

Amber Wright shares her expertise on what to say when you don’t know a nice way to say it. 

Episode 006: How to Work in a Hostile Work Environment

Krishna Davenport shares not only how to get the job but how to keep it while working in a hostile working environment. 

Episode 005: How Cosmetics Affect Your Self Esteem & Self Confidence

June Marie Smith, CEO of TAJJ Cosmetics shares positive affects makeup can have on your self esteem and self confidence. 

Episode 004: How to Handle Bullying

Dr. Julie Connor shares with us how we should end the epidemic of bullying for adults and children once and for all.







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