Tips To Mastering Abundant Peace

Do you have so much in the air you’ve forgotten the word ‘peace’ exists?

Kids, husband/wife, demanding supervisor, nosy in-laws, church ministry, exes, social club, exercise, overdue bills, vitamins, crazy neighbors, car repairs, non-working coworkers, stop-n-go traffic, step-kids, late subway trains, home owners associations, college tuition – it all gets to be a little much at times. But it’s important to have in your life, a very basic thing we all take for granted, peace. Basic is the keyword here. It shouldn’t take a weekend, a plane trip or dozens of dollars to create an atmosphere of peace.

There’s at least one person that freaks out every year when they find out I spend the holidays alone. I have to ever so smart-alecky remind them, everyone has their own traditions. And mine is creating a space where the hardest thing I do all day is (wait for it) breath. It’s by design. Peace has been a goal of mine since I was knee high to a grapevine. It cleanses the soul of bad memories from dysfunctional traumas of the past and creates new amorous and indulgent memories of the present. Cleansing your soul is so important because it affects your ability to mature, prosper and experience fulfilling relationships.

To live in peace, you must know how to surrender and be vulnerable emotionally. Consider the five people you spend the most time around, do you fully and blindly trust these people? Would they stop you from committing a grave mistake or sit back and watch you as a form of entertainment? Will these five people get out of bed in the middle of the night to rush to your aid? At their very core, are they true and loyal? If the answer to any of those questions is no, I’m willing to bet, your instinct will not allow you to be vulnerable or surrender to them. Emotionally you’re constantly blocking and jabbing like a boxer in the ring to protect your feelings or you’re loud and boisterous, always on ready-set-go popping off for a fight with anybody at anytime. That is not living in peace. I challenge you right now to #LoveYourselfFirst and end these relationships. No matter whom they are or what position or title they hold in your life. You have to fight for your own emotional security. They are working against you and holding you back from peace and from all the greatness within you, you are destined to share with the world.  

Consider what it would be like to be surrounded by people that are all for you! People that encourage you and want to see you grow, want to see you win, want to see you get the best out of life and all it has to offer. People that aren’t jealous of you or intimidated by you. People that aren’t trying to take advantage of you. People that are ‘down’ for you and ‘have your back’ come what may! Choosing to surround yourself with loyal people, means you’re choosing to self-care, means you’re choosing what’s important.

And what’s important is that you #LoveYourselfFirst and often….   

When was the last time you felt at peace? Let me know, leave me a comment below!   


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Anita Washington, M. Ed. & M.B.A., CEO & Founder at That Anita Live is a Personal Development Coach helping women become Emotionally Whole, Emotionally Healed and Emotionally Healthy. She teaches women to live unashamed of their secret story with an old soul and a comedic, honest voice. Anita uses many southern colloquialisms and colorful expressions to unwrap personal stories and relate them to principles and techniques. Through her powerful and uplifting interviews at ThatAnitaLive.TV and story packed speaking, you learn how to make tough choices and fight to stay focused in the face of adversity. Anita challenges women to use the tools and resources they already have to reveal and release success blockers such as childhood trauma and family dysfunction to build their confidence and turn adversity into adventure! She’s a Personal Success Strategist, Women’s Empowerment Expert and Inspirational Speaker. Anita is a graduate of Limestone College, Virginia State University and Strayer University with a B.S. in Mathematics, an M.Ed. in Guidance & Counseling and an M.B.A. in Contracts & Acquisitions. You can find Anita online at and on Twitter, Facebook and Periscope - handle @ThatAnitaLive.
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