Anita Washington, M.Ed. & M.B.A., CEO & Founder at That Anita Live L.L.C. is a Counselor and Personal Development Coach helping women become Emotionally Whole, Healed, Healthy and Happy. Creator of the 7-Step Method, through her books, interviews and articles, she teaches women to live unashamed of their secret story with an old soul and a comedic, honest voice. Anita uses many southern colloquialisms and colorful expressions to unwrap personal stories of surviving a homicidal alcoholic father and four physically and emotionally abusive brothers and relates them to actionable principles and techniques anyone can use.

Through her powerful and uplifting interviews on ThatAnitaLive.TV viewers get to see real women with resourceful stories re-visioning their lives after life’s most daunting challenges. Her story packed speaking, teaches attendees how to make tough choices and fight to stay focused in the face of adversity. Anita challenges women to use the tools and resources they already have to reveal and release success blockers such as childhood trauma and family dysfunction to build their confidence and turn adversity into adventure!

After hearing Anita speak, your audience will be equipped to boldly go beyond their comfort zone and make power career and entrepreneur moves on purpose one step at a time. Anita is the Creator and Host of Peri-Wellness Wednesday which is lite counseling on a pass-the-scope concept where life coaches, counselors, fitness gurus and mental health professionals offer emotional wellness advice, techniques and tools to viewers.

She is a graduate of Limestone College, Virginia State University and Strayer University with a B.S. in Mathematics, an M.Ed. in Guidance & Counseling and an M.B.A. in Contracts & Acquisitions. You can find Anita online at ThatAnitaLive.com and on Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram and Periscope – handle @ThatAnitaLive.

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