Inspiration For The Impossible Dream (Part II): Tara Kamiya

Tara Kamiya  (twitter: @smartalecky) I first learned of her through her video blog on her YouTube channel. Her videos chronicled her (smartalecky1) new life in a rural area. Interesting indeed. Tara was born and raised in New York (and you know how native New Yorkers feel about NY) but she fell in love, got married, packed her belongings, kissed her Mom good bye and moved to the Far East. People born and raised in New York, never leave NY. It was amazing to me that not only did she move, but she moved across the world. Educated, employed and living in NY she met someone at a party. She had been studying and speaking Japanese and crashed a neighboring party to try out her new skills. There she met the man of her dreams. He was intrigued by her ability to speak his native language, Japanese. She was intrigued by his honor. They got married in 2008 on TLC’s hit reality show Four Weddings (Season 2 Episode 1). Fast forward seven years, she’s happily married to her chef husband, they have three adorable children and live in Japan, yes, Japan. That’s right, Tara is a stay at home mom in a bi-cultural marriage living in rural Japan. No central heat, no ethnic hairstylist (any you know how a sister is about her hair), no hoagies, no NY Pizza. Everything is different, even the washing machine. She and her husband are working their family (grandparents and great-grandparents) farm to become sustainable, they want to grow all their own food. Did I mention her hubby works twelve to sixteen hour days away from home? Their children, two boys and a girl are precious. The cutest video she has posted thus far is of the oldest son making homemade apple juice in a blender. Seems he’s going to be a chip off the ole chef block. Tara shares even more details of her hard knock rural life on her blog Her tenacity to make the best of a rustic life for love, warms my heart and inspires my soul. I wouldn’t trade places with Tara for all the tea in China, but watching her live her dream motivates me to go after mine.

I have never met any of these ladies but they all are an undeniable inspiration to me to get up, get out and go get my dreams!

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