Happy Sunday Family! It’s our special day again! Time to spend a little time with Jesus and spend a little time little ole with me. This week, I’m super excited to bring you an amazing interview I did of Retta Timmons, #SexualAbuseSurvivor. She’s warm, friendly, caring and uber transparent about the impacts of being molested and how she managed to move passed it and find a life of beauty and freedom. Were you molested? Maybe you know someone who was… Watch! Learn! Share!    

As you know, I am for your emotional and spiritual growth – edutainment; not ever just entertainment. We must always be growing to be better people, better servants of the Most High and those with a Secret Story Success are obligated to share to benefit others. Retta is a living example. We laughed and giggled like we’d known each other our whole lives – like we were kindred spirits. 

After watching, reply or tweet me @ThatAnitaLive and let me know what you think. Watch! – Reply! – Go! 

Also, if you haven’t listened yet, my new free Confidence Booster audio download is uploaded and ready to go. Many people have read my personal stories and asked how did I survive. How did I survive my alcoholic father trying to kill me by attempting to burn the house down…three times! Yes, three times. Or how did I survive waking up to my brother beating his fists into my flesh and spending many nights sleeping in the streets because home was just not safe. Developing good self-confidence totally helped. Download the audio and let me know what you think. Click the link to download it.

Also, you all are my favorite people in the whole wide world so I’m letting you know first… I’m working on an eBook to illustrate how childhood trauma becomes dysfunctional adult behavior and how to go from a aimless life to purposeful living – #LivingUnashamed of Your Secret Story. I haven’t even started it yet, but I know you all will keep me accountable! 
Peace & Blessings, 

PS: Thanks a ton for your love!

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Anita Washington

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Anita Washington, M.Ed. & M.B.A., CEO & Founder of That Anita Live, LLC, host of the TV show That Anita Live and The Emotional Happiness Podcast with That Anita Live provides a platform for women to learn, laugh and more importantly heal emotionally by learning from the challenges and successes of others. 

A former school and community agency counselor and creator of the 7-Step Method, Anita’s helped guide people from the ages of eleven to fifty through their own life issues, personal transformations and professional endeavors. With an old soul and a comedic, honest voice. She uses many southern colloquialisms and colorful expressions to unwrap personal stories of surviving a homicidal alcoholic father, a mother in denial and four physically and emotionally abusive brothers and relates them to guiding principles and healing techniques.

Through her powerful and uplifting interviews at ThatAnitaLive.TV and The Emotional Happiness Podcast women get to see and hear real women with resourceful stories living relentless lives after life's most devastating events. Through her charismatic and compelling speaking, Anita helps women use the tools and resources they already have to reveal and release success blockers such as childhood trauma and family dysfunction so they can build self-confidence, boost their self-esteem and feel free to live true to their own personality, spirit and character.

In her newly released ebook, 7 Simple Steps to Beat Emotional Baggage, Anita shares actionable techniques that will walk women through letting go of the past and rising above the glass ceiling to reach higher levels of success and satisfaction in life.

From nine-to-five, Anita is a Senior Acquisition Support Specialist, possessing over nineteen years of performing and administering program management and cradle-to-grave commercial and federal contracting activities for acquisitions ranging from $500,000 to over $2 Billion. She has progressively worked her way up the federal acquisition lifecycle and commercial supply chain through various positions from pre-award and requirements definition to commodities buying to contract close-out. In her career, she has mastered the art of transitioning to level-up.

Anita is a graduate of Limestone College, Virginia State University, and Strayer University with a B.S. in Mathematics, an M.Ed. in Guidance & Counseling, and an M.B.A. in Contracts & Acquisitions. You can find Anita online at ThatAnitaLive.com, Twitter, Periscope, Instagram and Facebook. Her handle is That Anita Live on all four social media platforms.
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