Smiling While Being Hated On

It’s a skill. Do you have it? Can you smile while being hated on? James 1:2 says Count it all Joy. Can you smile at your boss after you’ve been fired? Can you pray for the woman in church that started that ugly rumor about you? It’s hard, but – yes, you can. You can do it. Within your spiritual journey, you will check this box complete. I promise you!

Trials & Troubles
Like most of us you grew up in a tuff, chaotic and complicated situation. Listening to fighting, screaming and cussing. Feeling helpless, while watching drunks, drug addicts and gang violence. Being emotionally devalued, mentally manipulated and physically assaulted. But something made you different. Something made you want better. Something made you stronger. Something stopped you from being another number, a statistic. Looking back I can see a number of things that set me on my course at an early age to do whatever I needed to do to get out. To create a better life for myself. To accept nothing short of peace in my own home. You and I have a charge from God, to change Generational Curses into Generational Blessings!

Spiritual Revelation
Because of my spiritual process, I can now say I understand what James meant when he wrote, “count it all joy” in Chapter One, Verse Two. God afflicts us, not to break us but to bend us toward him. Whatever it is you are going through, know change starts with a decision deep within you. Once you make the decision, believing you can is determined by the faith you hold within. If you can look at your situation, your environment and know that you know God meant a better life for you, you have faith. And that small amount of faith is all you need to give you hope. You CAN change your circumstances. Hope gives you energy to dream. Dreaming gives you energy to plan. Planning includes strategy. Strategy includes steps that you take, to get to where you want to be. While your executing step one, be planning step two and three. Then just do it, one step at a time.

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