Ever had something sticky and unpleasant to say but didn’t quite know how to say it in a nice way? In Episode 007 of ThatAnitaLive.TV Amber Wright, public speaking coach and college professor as well as wife and mother, teaches us how to handle difficult situations with the appropriate communications. We discuss how to communicate in marriage relationships, parent-child relationships and hostile work environments. Even if you don’t have a “situation” now, I can pretty much guarantee one will develop in the future, trust me, this interview has something for you to use! Watch!

Timestamps (just encase you want to skip ahead to an area that interest you):

2:25 How did Talk to Amber get started?

6:35 Marriage & Relationships

27:27 Parent-Child Conversations

40:13 Work Situations

Host: Anita Washington a.k.a. That Anita Live

Topic: How To Handle Difficult Conversations

Guest: Amber Wright

Guest’s Blog: http://www.TalkToAmber.com

Amber and I would love to hear from you. Doesn’t she have a way with words? Which part of this interview was most interesting to you? Leave us your thought and comments below. 


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