Emotional Happiness Podcast with That Anita Live – Episode 004

In Episode 004 Dr. Julie Connor, speaker, youth advocate, award winning author and leadership expert tells us society is handling bullying in all the wrong ways. She’s got tips and techniques from her own personal experience and her years in the business of handling bullies. Whether you’re child is being bullied at school or if you’re being bullied at work, watch as she shares with us how we should end the epidemic of bullying for adults and children alike. Don’t miss it!


Host: Anita Washington a.k.a. That Anita Live

Topic: Bullying

Guest: Dr. Julie Connor

Guest Website: drjulieconnor.com

Links Mention in Podcast Episode: Dreams to Action Trailblazer Guide


Dr. Julie and I would love to get your thoughts and ideas, any feedback you may have. Please let us know what you think in the comment section below. 


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